State Inspection Update

As of November 1, 2008 state inspections changed.  No longer will a sticker be posted on your windshield, the process will be completely computerized.  Customers will receive a receipt to be kept in the vehicle but the Department of Motor Vehicles computer system will be able to track current inspections.  Customers will only be able to update vehicle license plates/stickers if they have a current state safety inspection.

Gas saving tips

Regular tune-ups ensure best economy; check owner’s manual for recommended maintenance intervals. Special attention should be given to maintaining clean air filters… diminished air flow increases gas waste.

. Inspect suspension and chassis parts for occasional misalignment. Bent wheels, axles, bad shocks, broken springs, etc. create engine drag and are unsafe at high traveling speeds.

Auto air conditioners can reduce fuel economy by 10% to 20%. Heater fan, power windows and seats increase engine load; the more load on your engine, the less miles per gallon.

Routine Maintenance

Be sure to have your oil changed every 3,000 miles.

If you have a high mileage vehicle, you may need to have your transmission flushed.

Don’t forget to change your air filter at least once a year.

Welcome Motor Fleet Management

We are now servicing all Motor Fleet Management vehicles for this area. We are proud to have them as our customers.

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